Information for Writers

Playwrights are given creative freedom - the only stipulation is that the play must fall within the 10 minute rule.
While there is no official lower limit, please ensure that your story can be told in the time allowed, so the actors can bring the piece fully to life.

Plays with 3 or less characters in them are strongly preferred, as we only have a limited number of volunteer actors to perform the roles.

Please be conscious of the minimalist nature of Crash Test. It is very much about allowing the writer to see how their piece looks and sounds once rehearsed and brought to life for the first time. It should not require a stage full of props at this stage in its evolution.

We require a title page! This is a cover page on which the following is written:

a) The Title Of The Play
b) The Log Line (shown underneath that play's title) This is a one sentence succinct summary of your play, which gives an insight into the theme of the story.
c) The writer's name and contact details (phone number, email address)

Plays to be submitted need to be formatted so that the cast and director can easily interpret the words and directions.

Please number your pages!

It is advisable to keep directions to a bare minimum. There are many sites where downloadable programs are available to assist in script writing and which may be of help.

Only original plays that have not previously been performed will be accepted.

Only one play per writer per event will be accepted.

All plays submitted for acceptance will be pre-read, out of which the 8 best plays will be accepted. This is entirely at the discretion of the CTD Bundanoon convener.

Playwrights may not act in their own play.

Playwrights must be in attendance.

Playwrights must bring sufficient copies of their script for all actors, director, self and perhaps a spare.
Highlighters are also a must.


We prefer the writers to direct their own plays where possible. If there is a strong reason for a writer to not be able to direct their own work, it is up to the them to arrange for someone to direct it for them.

Writer/Directors may only direct one play per event.

Writer/directors do not act in the play they direct.