How Crash Test Drama Works

For each event we select 8 ten-minute plays to be performed. These plays will have been selected from submissions received over the previous 3 months, from anyone that has a desire to see their work performed as a piece of living work.

At 2pm on the day of the event, writers, actors and directors assemble at the Soldiers' Memorial Hall in Bundanoon, when the directors, in association with the writers, cast their plays from the actors in attendance.

All plays are rehearsed for 2 hours and then performed to an audience as "moved readings" from 5pm. A moved reading is where the actors block (move) the play, making use of simple props, but carry their scripts in hand. Once all eight plays have been performed, the audience and judge(s) vote for their favourite plays. The audience gets to vote for two plays.

While the judge(s) selects Best Play, Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Director. Should the judge(s) and audience agree on the best play, the audience second choice will join the judge(s) choice to progress to the Gala Final (subject to the proviso below).

While a playwright may have been selected as the best play by either judge or audience vote, they will be limited to a maximum of two plays progressing to the Gala Final.

In the event that a playwright has won through with two plays and subsequently has a third (or more) plays in a winning position, either by audience or judges vote, the play coming second in the audience vote shall be deemed as the play to progress.

Notwithstanding, should a play have been nominated as the best play by the judges vote, it will still receive the best play award for that event.