Crash Test Drama

Crash Test Drama is a fun day for participants and spectators alike!

A selection of 10-minute plays written by local playwrights are performed with 'script in hand' after a short rehearsal period, by actors and actresses who turn up on the day.

We are often short of actors/actresses, so please come along!

No Experience Necessary!

No experience is necessary to participate, in fact first-time actors/actresses who have always wanted to give it a go are especially encouraged and welcome!

Experienced actors are also sure to find it a rewarding experience.

After a very brief and non-threatening 'audition' where each actor reads a short paragraph, the actors are all allocated to be cast members in one of the plays.

The Rehearsal

After the actors are all cast, each group finds a spot in the hall, kitchen or supper room and starts rehearsing.

Rehearsals usually take a couple of hours.

Sometimes there is a short break between the rehearsals and the performance, giving actors the time to whip together a makeshift costume or source a prop or two.

The Performance

At 5pm, the plays are performed to an audience as 'moved readings'.

A 'moved reading' is where the actors block (move) the play, making use of simple props, but carry their scripts in hand.

There are usually 8 plays per event, with an interval in between.

Members of the public, friends and family are welcome to attend as audience members.

There is a small cover charge of $10 to participate, or to attend the performance.


After all the plays are performed, there is wine, cheese, refreshments and prizes - cash prizes to be won!

Crash Test has a competitive component to it, which allows the audience and judge(s) to vote for their favourite plays, actors and director.

The two winning plays from each event progress through to the end of year Melting Pot Theatre Gala Final. The two winning plays from the final automatically go through to the Sydney season of the Short & Sweet festival.

The spirit of Crash Test Drama at Melting Pot Theatre is that the entry fees paid by everyone participating on the day are returned to the winners as prize money!

There are several awards handed out, for:

Best Play - as judged by our guest Judge
Best Director - as judged by our guest Judge
Best Actress - as judged by our guest Judge
Best Actor - as judged by our guest Judge
Best Play - as judged by Audience Vote


We would love to see you at the next Crash Test Drama!

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