Crash Test Drama History

Pioneered by Harry Paternoster and Bearing Your Arts in Melbourne, Crash Test Drama is a great way of trying out and developing ten minute plays. It’s also a great way for actors and directors to practise their craft, writers to learn more about the art of writing for the stage, plus a wonderful networking opportunity.

The name and concept of Crash Test Drama is well established in Australia and its popularity as a starting point for those interested in taking their first steps in theatre has underscored its popularity.

Crash Test Drama was started in Bundanoon in 2012. Each year, Crash Test Drama Bundanoon stages four events, featuring 32 plays.

Crash Test has a competitive component to it, which allows the audience and judge(s) to vote for their favourite plays. In this way the two winning plays from each event progress through to the end of year Gala Final and from where the two winning plays automatically go through to the Sydney season of the Short & Sweet festival.