About Us

Melting Pot Theatre was formed in 2012 to create theatre in the southern villages and towns of the beautiful Southern Highlands.

The wish of the founding members is to create opportunities for writers, actors and directors to take a journey into the magic of theatre.

Our door is wide open for people of all ages to take the first few steps in finding out what making theatre is all about.

To start the ball rolling, the team at Melting Pot Theatre launched Crash Test Drama as their first offering which provides a full theatrical experience.

Crash Test is a tried and trusted vehicle, allowing writers to showcase original short plays that are cast, rehearsed and performed all in a single day.

The format is well established in many places around the world and is an excellent way to see many facets of theatre come together.

As Melting Pot Theatre matures and evolves, it is now also moving further into longer productions to compliment Crash Test Drama.

The aim of Melting Pot Theatre is to bring original and innovative work to the Southern Highlands, allowing local writers the chance to premiere their works locally before taking the world by storm!

For those who have a penchant for creative writing and performance, Melting Pot Theatre's Crash Test Drama events are a perfect platform on which to experiment.

As a community organisation, we are inclusive and welcome all who would like to participate.

The experience of participating in Crash Test Drama helps not only actors but playwrights and directors develop and hone their talents.

So whether you are sixteen or ninety-six, or older, we have room for you on our stage!

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